Corus launches Skyn ​​Concept in Europe

Corus launches Skyn ​​Concept in Europe 722 1024 Corus Dental

SKYN Concept, co-developed by Livio Yoshinaga, is a new concept that allows us to design smiles and restorations thanks to a 100% digital flow. Through natural tooth algorithms and CAD-CAM systems we obtain unique smiles.

Corus laboratories offer this new concept exclusively in Spain, France, Portugal and Germany. Our knowledge and experience accredits and guarantees your success.

On the occasion of the next Dental Expo 2018 we want to give you exclusive information about the European launch of Skyn ​​Concept as well as the opportunity to obtain a 5% discount in the next events of 2018. Register now at Corus Academy

Learn more about Skyn ​​Concept through the following link: