Corus Link: the laboratories digital platform digital Corus

Corus laboratories cloud platform that provides advantages:


  • Real time monitoring of your jobs.
  • Monitor, revision and validation of the CAD designs.
  • Follow-up of the material sent to the laboratories (attachments, etc.).
  • Improve the planning of smiles.
  • Budgets affordable for patients, revealing the total cost of the prosthesis.
  • Record of all the jobs done by the laboratory.


  • Control and monitoring of the tests.
  • Exchange of CAD files (intraoral scanner) and photos of cases.
  • Elimination of paper in clinics.
  • Information delivered 100% through digital flow.
  • Instant communication in real time (chat) for each job between clinics-laboratories.
  • Management on non conformities and constant improvement.


  • Web platform with no instalment.
  • Unlimited accessibility: from multiple platforms and at any moment.
  • Mobile App for consultations and follow-up.

A new, more efficient and simple way to work

1- Job register

As a new job is introduced, a budget for the patient comes out. A full 100% digital flow of information, reducing the management time of the team.  

2- Digital photo archive

The images can be downloaded directly to the platform to validate the CAD designs.



3- Real time communication

A real time chat with the laboratories to make consults about a job and obtain complete traceability of each prescription.

4- Tracking of the jobs

A permanent follow-up of each job´s state and also can download invoices and delivery notes at any moment.