From Livio Yoshinaga and Corus, Skyn Concept allows us to design new smiles using algorithms from natural teeth to obtain predictable results with a fully digital workflow. Exciting patients to achieve unique smiles.


The first step is communicating with the patient, getting them excited and involved with their new smile. Skyn Concept provides you with the necessary tools to do this.

Corus Skyn Lab

This new concept is offered exclusively at Corus. Our knowledge and experience proves and guarantees its success. Corus Skyn Lab is at your service.


You can get all the Skyn Concept training on offer at the Corus Academy. Here you will be able to access specific Skyn events, as well as the necessary certifications to carry out Skyn work.

Livio Yoshinaga

Livio, creator of the digital Skyn Concept workflow. A Brazilian-born smile architect, he began his career in computer-assisted tooth design in the late 1980s and has developed technological projects in dentistry at clinical, technical and formative levels.

He has been working closely with Mauro Fradeani, Nitzan Bichacho, Galip Gurel, Eric Van Dooren, Afonso Baruffaldi and Ferran Llansana, among other professionals from more than 30 countries, for more than 10 years. Known for being one of the fathers of "Digital Smile Design", he also develops and plans training projects with prestigious dental specialists, educational centres and universities around the world.

He is currently innovating in the new world of the dental metaverse.

Skyn Protocol



According to the Skyn protocol, we will send the STL files of the scans, a photo and a video of the patient via Corus Link. The Corus Skyn Lab will start designing the new smile from the Skyn by Corus libraries.

*We will always start from a digital workflow.



We will receive a mock-up of the new smile proposal and, with a few simple and easy tools, you can create the mood you need to get your patient excited. We will show you the new smile and, safe in the knowledge that it is a predictable project: what you see is what you get.


Prepare and scan

From the tested and verified mock-up, we prepare the teeth using a drilling protocol. We use the Skyn Concept scanning workflow and upload the preparation files to Corus Link.



Predictable aesthetics. We receive delicate, enamel-like ceramic sheets that fit perfectly and are easy to apply using adhesive techniques.



Protect your new Skyn smile with Nobrux to keep it unchanged over time and finish the job safely while providing a unique experience for your patients.

Benefits for you and your patients


I like it natural

Your patients will quickly understand that there is no better aesthetic than one inspired by nature. Skyn Concept has made the natural digital using algorithms that recreate it with precision.


What I see is what I want

With the Skyn protocol you can amaze your patients with the mock-up of their new smile and be confident that the promise you make them will be fulfilled.


A safe and efficient protocol

The entire digital workflow together with the Corus Skyn Lab's proven protocol delivers an aesthetic, efficient and totally predictable treatment in just three key visits: mock-up, preparation and finishing.


Costs under control

Skyn has a flat price that includes everything; digital waxing, mock-ups, 3D models and the Skyn. With no surprises or hidden extras, you control the costs of the treatment from start to finish.



Not everyone can have this aesthetics within reach. The Skyn Certification goes beyond just providing patients with these cosmetic procedures. It opens the door to an exclusive international club led by Livio Yoshinaga.


Designed to bring you organisation and efficiency, make presenting your products easier, improve the patient's experience and enhance their perception of your clinic.

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