Redes Sociales

Corus es una compañía muy activa en las redes sociales para estar cerca de nuestros clientes y colaboradores, dar conocer nuestro trabajo, las formaciones que estamos llevando a cabo así como nuevos productos.


Sigue a Corus en las redes sociales y nuestro blog y podrás acceder a conocimiento, oportunidades de formación, información de nuevos productos antes que nadie.

Costumer Journey. Experiences rather than products
Costumer Journey. Experiences rather than products 1024 717 Corus Dental

By using digital tools we can improve our products and services. However, the true challenge is to be able to improve the Customer Journey, which can be described as a collection of experiences in which our customers interact with us. Let’s see how digitalisation can help make those experiences successful.

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Better products and services
Better products and services 650 365 Corus Dental

Digitalisation, as opposed to an analogue system, allows us to provide better products and services. 5 key points as to why this is so are given here.

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Opportunity 500 334 Corus Dental

Something positive we can take away from this pandemic is that it has given us a (possibly unique) opportunity to discover the benefits of a digital transformation with regard to the global social trend towards the interconnectedness of everyone with everything.

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