Opportunity 500 334 Corus Dental

Something positive we can take away from this pandemic is that it has given us a (possibly unique) opportunity to discover the benefits of a digital transformation with regard to the global social trend towards the interconnectedness of everyone with everything.

For quite a while now we have been able to see two huge social trends in which everything has radically transformed at breathtaking speed:

  • The Networked Economy which affects everything: networked people, networked business processes, networked data, networked things and, naturally, networked healthcare. Everyone and everything is connected. As quoted on the front cover of one of the editions of the Harvard Business Review: The Internet of Everything!
  • Mass customisation of products and services. As the end user we have the power! We decide what we want, how we want it and when we want it. What’s more, we want it to be exclusive, different from the rest and personalised to our requirements.

Covid-19 has suddenly and unexpectedly crashed into our lives, acting as a catalyst and accelerating this transformation. It provides an opportunity to individuals and businesses (perhaps the only opportunity) to get on board the digitalisation train. 

This process of digital transformation, which we used to see as something that was optional or specific to tech experts, is now compulsory for everyone, and must be doubly safe:

  • With regard to health concerns: all processes must guarantee safety and hygiene considering the current situation.
  • With regard to the economy: the health crisis seems to be leading to (quite an acute) economic crisis, which forces us to be more efficient and productive in all areas.

The good news is that digitalisation, especially in a sector such as Dentistry, meets all the aforementioned criteria. Not only is it essential to social trends, but it also offers greater safety with regard to health as it reduces the number of actual visits in person. The information is of a higher quality and travels around as bits (making physical elements, which are susceptible to infection, unnecessary).  The predictability of treatments is increased and diagnosis is improved. And lastly, we get that economic benefit as productivity is boosted (we can do more, with less), errors and repetitions are reduced due to the quality of the information, thus customer satisfaction is improved. In addition to all this we will be offering differential products and services at highly competitive rates, achieving optimum returns.

And how do we do it? To quote an old African proverb, “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together with others”, because the technology is in place, waiting, the products developed on a digital platform are ready to be taken advantage of. However, in my opinion, the key is in choosing the right technological Partner, the travelling companion/partner who helps to point us in the right direction, who educates and trains us in the use of the tech, who offers us new products and services, who offers guarantees in health concerns. In a nutshell, a partner who can provide us with a safe and improved experience for ourselves and our customers.


Chief Innovation Officer