Team work is the secret of success

In Corus we base our success in team work of everyone who participates in the dental health of the patients. A close relationship with our customers is key in the rehabilitation´s success.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy aims to achieve that our products and services are developed according to the health legislation in which we are going by.

All our personnel receive training on our protocols, is familiarized with the documentation and implements the policies and procedures in their job.

Management assumes the commitment to lead on the Quality Policy, engaging in the development and implementations of the system and procuring the necessary resources to achieve the goals proposed, amongst which we bring out the following points:

  • Continue growing the recognition of Corus as a national and international laboratory referent.
  • Fullfill the expectations of both our clinicians and their patients, abbying by the health legislation that affects us.
  • Ensure the Quality of our results by the treacability and continuous controls.
  • Constant communication with the different memebers of the sector with the aim to know his needs and make them our own, through our presence in forums and national and international congresses.
  • Actively participate in the national and international working groups, assisting in technical and scientific support in the novelties that the sector has to offer.
  • Develop the personnel and the system´s Continous Improvement spirit, developing new procedures with which to expand our coverage and actively participating in training courses that allows us to stay up-to-date in the area of our activivy and also to transmit the knowledge we acquaire in our daily work in the laboratioes.



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