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We believe that it is key to get to know the laboratory better as a critical piece of the clinical process. Meet the collaborators, the working conditions, tracking, etc.

Our premises are instrumental spaces for developing an accurate management and differential service delivery of Corus and to explain why it is different to work with us.

All our laboratories are technological centers at the forefront of the dental sector. Contact your closest Corus laboratory

01 – Innovative organization system

Corus has its own innovative organization system based on the strictest quality control in the most advanced technological sectors on an international scale (lean manufacturing, six sigma, kanban). All our laboratories are in accordance with the health legislation and have the Corus work system implemented.

a) healthy working space, ergonomic, pleasant and efficient for our collaborators.

b) digitalization/computerized processes to offer an efficient service, complete tracking of production and data protection of the health product

c) management of continuous improving process that allows the company to continue keeping the highest standards both in the quality of service and production.

02 – Space to exchange knowledge

Corus in an organization drawn to the exchange of knowledge and experiences amongst our own team and also with our clients. All of Corus laboratories have a training area “Corus Academy”.

a) Organized training for clinicians by professional collaborators of Corus.

b) Training for clinic´s teams.

c) Training for prosthesis tecnicians.

d) Training programs for our collaborators.

e) Exchange to improve procedures and information between laboratories.

03 – Technological leading edge in odontology

All our laboratories are equipped with the most advanced technologies that allow our teams to deliver the best products and work closely with our suppliers to improve the quality.

Additionally, Corus has an innovation team to manage projects.

a) Internal resources management system (HRM).

b) Intra-oral scanners for demonstrations and research cooperation.

c) Model preparation system (CAMP).

d) Laboratory scanners to capture analogical models.

e) Design System (CAD) to create any kind of rehabilitation.

f) Computer-Aided manufacturing (CAM), precision milling centers for all types of materials, centros de fresado de precisión para todos los materiales, 3D physical impression, selective laser melting (SLM).

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