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Corus is a very active company in social media because we want to remain close to our clients and collaborators, inform about our work, the training sessions we are developing and new product release.

Follow Corus in social media and our blog. You will be able to access interesting information, training opportunities and be the first to know about our new products release.

Go with a Reliable Salaries Funding Company to Stage Your Online business Treatment
Go with a Reliable Salaries Funding Company to Stage Your Online business Treatment 150 150 Corus Dental

For every company, expansion can possibly be achieved only when you experience plenty of hard cash liquidity as well as credit so that you can manage your organization work processing. There usually are various choices to acquire capital. Employing a bank is a reliable selection, however, all of businesses planning able so that you can…

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Launching new Corus website
Launching new Corus website 1024 768 Corus Dental

Coinciding with the start of Expo Dental 2018, Corus has launched its corporate website After the first day of Expo Dental 2018 was presented to the Corus directors in Spain at the new facilities of Corus Zircotecnic in Madrid. We encourage everyone to visit!

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Corus launches Skyn ​​Concept in Europe
Corus launches Skyn ​​Concept in Europe 722 1024 Corus Dental

SKYN Concept, co-developed by Livio Yoshinaga, is a new concept that allows us to design smiles and restorations thanks to a 100% digital flow. Through natural tooth algorithms and CAD-CAM systems we obtain unique smiles. Corus laboratories offer this new concept exclusively in Spain, France, Portugal and Germany. Our knowledge and experience accredits and guarantees…

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