We are the first European group at the forefront of dental prosthetic and orthodontic solutions

Corus  is the first European group of dental design laboratories that is born with the goal to head the technological transformation of the prosthesis sector, uniting the knowledge and talent of the best dental technicians and developing a prime level network that offers results to the clinician´s needs with:

“A clear, transforming voice,
dynamic and precise, with shared values”

Corus Values

We focus on the results, always challenging ourselves to improve. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients through the development of clear and ambitious goals.

We participate actively in the research and development of technology and science in our sector to create new solutions that can lead the future of odontology.

Committed to “no surprises” with our clients. We believe that predictability, reliability and quality of what we do is the key for the successful rehabilitation and for the construction of solid, long term relationships.

We work under a collaborative dynamic with our clients and peers, building a team and keeping close to them. Establishing associative bonds, encouraging relationships of trust in the long term.

We are inspired to create a transforming project for the dental sector. A great place to work, that offers the possibilities of personal and professional growth.

Our reason for being is the passion to offer the best of us and face the challenges that prosthesis entails.

“The clinician and the patient are at the heart of our value proposal”

At Corus we create precise solutions and unique smiles to help connect the clinicians with their patients.

Corus is born with the will to offer trustworthy solutions in a transforming setting: the patient´s smile is the protagonist and, because of the access to information increases his expectations, the new technologies and materials develop exponentially: we deliver innovation at the reach of odontology professionals for their differentiation with the highest quality and warranties.

Unique smiles
and precise solutions.

We are a new concept of provider of advanced dental solutions with unique protocols that allows us to offer a new degree of achieved quality, ensured repeatability, predictability and aesthetics.

Unique beauty and functionality.

We facilitate and support
in the decision making.

We offer support during the daily treatment process, aligning the clinician´s expectations with that of the patient, making the hard easy, with the aim to ensure the best result to better satisfy the patient and professional development of the clinician.

Differentiation and growth
through innovation

We promote the professional development of dentists and clinics through the differentiation with proximity, working in a team and catalyzing the prosthesis knowledge with technical and scientific training.