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A new and innovative service design for the digital transformation of dental clinics. We want to use our knowledge and talent to help and support you in the transformation of your practice. Our aim is to synchronise the innovation of your clinic with your current circumstances so that we can simplify the process as much as possible. That way, we put avant-garde technology to the benefit of quality healthcare for your patients.


Using existing digital tools to maximise the efficiency and profitability of your clinic.

Added value

Through the creation of working protocols that offer your patients a unique digital experience.

Patient satisfaction

We use digital tools to encourage your patients to fully identify with your clinic.

Corus Consulting
services offered

Diflow Auditing

Diflow Certificate

Diflow Training

Diflow Auditing

A complete consultancy service that will ensure you make the right decisions, in just three phases:

  • Analysis phase: We aim to understand the current situation of your practice, what is being offered and how it is being delivered.
  • Assessment phase: Based on the data from the analysis, we measure the impact digitalisation will have on your practice.
  • Implementation phase: We make practical proposals on how to implement the digitalisation strategy in your practice through digital protocols.

Diflow Certificate

Our digital certification programme for dental clinics. We support you in implementing digital treatments in your clinic by providing more than 20 hours of exclusive training for you and your team, fully customised according to your needs with the aim of growing your practice, generating added value for your patients through unique experiences and boosting the profitability of your practice.

Questionnaire: Help us better understand your current situation so that we can adapt the support to your needs.

Diflow Training

Training is key to understanding the entire transformation process behind digitalisation. In collaboration with Corus Academy, we have created the first online training programme for the successful digitalisation of dental practices. Comprising 18 video lessons lasting no more than 15 minutes, you decide when and how to access the programme.

Benefits for you and your patients


Less visits

Generating clinical protocols with 100% digital products means you can reduce the number of visits and chair time for you and your patients.


Create value

Experience creation has been proven to be a more relevant differentiating value than even price. Through our programmes, you can improve upon what your clinic has to offer so that your patients enjoy special value that maximises their satisfaction.



Implementing technology, improving individual skills and reducing change-related issues motivates you and your team and builds confidence in your patients.


Success guarantee

All programmes are designed to help you tackle the digital transformation process with guaranteed success.


Return on investment

Fast implementation coupled with efficient digital clinical protocols ensures return on investment, driving your productivity and, in turn, your profitability.


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