Exclusive protocols

Corus is continuously developing working protocols for there to be an excellent communication that ensures the end result (managing both the clinician and the patient´s expectations). We ease the dentists´ work in their treatments by creating innovative and exclusive processes of work flow. We rely on the new technologies that have scientific validation, applying new methods, with a robust tracking that offers the necessary warranties of sanitary product.

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Corus protocols are developed in collaboration with reference clinicians, prestigious universities and the direct support of the most important manufacturers in the dental sector.

What is DiFlow?

Is the answer to the needs of the professional in a new digital context through protocols, products, services and exclusive training that delivers the clinical practice onto a new era.

Access to digital flow with ensured success

A concrete commitment

  • Technical support through the investment decision making.
  • Transfer of knowledge in the digital migration in the clinic.
  • Training to develop the necessary skills to handle the new tool.
  • Support hands-on in the development of digital cases.
  • Financial aid in the learning curve.
  • Scanbodies library.

Why DiFlow?

What systems are validated by Corus DiFlow?

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