Our Services

We offer support during the daily treatment process, aligning the clinician´s expectations with that of the patient. Keeping a professional, clear and efficient communication with the clinic through:

1- Digital Flow

The new advances both in software and hardware offer us tools to digitalize the treatment, improving the experience and predictability.

    • Management and integrated planning of the treatment. Corus Link
    • Cloud photographic record.

Corus DiFlow

  • Color registry and digital occlusion validation.l
  • Design tools (CAD)


2- Technical Support to Clients

In all of our laboratories we have a trained specialized team to offer support to the dentists and the clinic´s internal team. They are encharged of the processing of the order and prescription validation, they are trained to manage the non conformities that may occur with the aim to make a better more efficient bidirectional communication between clinic-laboratories. Quality system (customer feedback).

  • Urgent Customer Service.
  • Corus Link Management Software (traceable chat communication).
  • Telephone assistance with high availability.

3- Logistics

The operations department manages the service with key logistics providers to optimize pick-up time and delivery to the clinic´s needs. Furthermore, Corus has developes a full packaging system that facilitates the communication clinic- laboratories. Corus System Pack:

  • A logistic system develop to attend to the needs of the clinic and facilitate the working protocols.
  • Ensures the traceability, security, hygiene and protection of the health product.

4- Management of Health Products

All our products are developed in the European Union, following the strict criteria established in the European regulations for health products.

Our internal control system allows us to:

  • Ensure the traceablitiy of the products manufuctered, and that of our suppliers.
  • Quality control through all the stages and the release to the market of a health product with the Assigned Techinician.
  • Complying with the LOPD

5- Management information

Corus offers his customer with tools to improve together management elements of the clinic in a competitive environment.

  • Indicator reports.
  • Billing managment.
  • Management of non conformities with improvement areas and corrective measures.

6- High Fidelity

This is Corus fidelity program for customers. With the High Fidelity card as a customer, be it a clinic or a dentist, they can access the advantages and benefits from the continuous work with Corus.


In Corus we reward fidelity to our mutual work

07- Formación

Corus Academy: diferenciación y crecimiento a través de la formación y el acceso a las innovaciones tecnológicas y científicas.