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Welcome to Corus Tusk.

Tusk is a dental laboratory that specialises in Aesthetic, Implant and Complex combination restorative cases. We combine the most specialised digital manufacture with the most sound traditional technologies to solve real restorative cases with solutions best suited to the case rather than solutions suited to a technology.

We are a team of skilled and highly experienced artisans of shape, aesthetics and colour. Passionate technical masters of design and manufacture. Our facility houses a comprehensive range of highly specialised digital and also traditional manufacturing equipment, making available every possible option to provide individual solutions.

The comprehensiveness of our facility and the skills, experience and enthusiasm of the team mean that the most complex oral restorative challenges have a solution in our hands. 

Corus Tusk

16 George Street
London W1U 3QE

Matthews Bryan

Associate Director


Our services include:

  • All Ceramics and Veneers

Modern materials have opened a whole new world in cosmetic dental restorations. We use Lithium Disilicates and a range of fine quality Zirconias to achieve amazingly natural aesthetics. Their biocompatible andmMechanical properties along with amazing natural aesthetics make these restorations the most popular choice.

  • Metal Ceramics

Feldspathic ceramics are bonded to a range of traditional and modern metal alloys. 

All our alloy choices are selected from well recognised manufacturers with safety and biocompatibility in mind. We do not use alloys that, although popular in the industry, are known to have higher allergy risks. Information of what we use will be freely available to you.

  • Hybrid Ceramics

Digital design and milling processes have allowed us to use new materials specifically designed for modern workflows. Hybrid ceramics are an aesthetic choice with properties balanced perfectly for the stresses in the mouth.

  • Composites

Aesthetic, Strong, Adjustable and Repairable! Composites are the most versatile material used in dental fixed and removable restorations. It can be used on its own in smaller cases or veneered to almost any framework in larger restorations.

  • Implants

Quite simply a titanium or zirconia ‘anchor’ integrated in the jaw bone, to which we attach a range of restoration (crown, bridges, dentures etc).

We have successfully restored thousands of implant cases over many decades, working alongside some of the worlds leading implant surgeons and authorities. This experience along with continual educational updating and development means that you will not find a team more capable of handling your implant case.

  • Dentadures (Removable and fixed-removable)

Sometimes still the best solution. We use high quality teeth and acrylics for long lasting snug fitting dentures.