In an instant,
everything is equal

Instant loading implants. Instant is Corus' unique system for instant loading. The patient's appearance remains unchanged because the provisional teeth - produced in a fully digital flow - are easily placed immediately after surgery.

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Planned and predictable

Instant changes the focus; it’s all about prosthetically guided implantology. The first step is planning, which must be carried out based on the final tooth. With the Instant Planning Centre, we do this together.

Patented and profitable

Corus patented system. Each part of the system is produced under strict quality controls. The rapid installation of the instant loading reduces the number and duration of visits, increasing the clinic's capacity.

One step to the final tooth

With the digital protocol, everything becomes more agile and more predictable. While the patient wears the Instant teeth, we can assess how they adapt to them, thereby guaranteeing a perfect copy when making the final teeth.

Instant Key Elements

The Instant system features the following elements


Created in a 100% digital workflow. We use the ideal teeth positioning as a guide when placing the implants - and when the surgery plan is based on this, the final result is more predictable.


The Instant guides are made along with the design of the provisional teeth. These include surgical guides for guided surgery cases and positioning guides for all cases, ensuring an easy and precise positioning of the Instant.


Straight and angled transmucosal Instant abutments, 2-4 mm high. Compatible with most implants. Manufactured under ISO 9001, 13845 and certified CE.


The Grip system is one of the key features of the Instant system. The unique, patented "click" system easily connects the Instant abutments to the resin abutments, meaning it couldn't be easier to use.


Perio-Aid Gel. A 0.2% Chlorhiexidine bioadhesive gel containing hyaluronic acid, which forms a protective layer and promotes the rapid repair of peri-implant tissues.

Tool Box

Contains all the necessary tools to carry out any Instant process: a bow drill, abutment replicas and safety fittings, perforating and grinding drill bits, and Instant and resin abutment holders.

Instant Protocol



We will make the specific Instant prescription through Corus Link, the clinic sends the CBCT scan, the STL files of the upper and lower scans, the bite registration, photographs to assess the midline and all the relevant information of the case.
*We will always start from a digital workflow.


Validation of the wax-up

Once all the information has been received, we will carry out an aesthetic test - digital or tooth test - of the new smile proposal, which must be validated before the planning phase.


Planning centre

Planning is one of the key elements of the Instant protocol. From the planning centre and with the help of expert designers in implant planning, all the files (CBCT, STL and validated wax-up) are integrated in order to plan the surgery with the attending clinician, who must approve and sign it.


Digital production

Once the surgery plan has been approved and validated by the responsible clinician, the Instant and corresponding guides are produced depending on the procedure to be followed; fully guided or only directed.


Surgery. Instant Process

Once everything is ready, we perform the surgery and the subsequent immediate loading in an easy, comfortable and predictable way. Before surgery, we recommend ensuring that all the necessary elements for instant loading are at hand (Instant abutments, resin abutments, screws, temporaries and guide) and that the Tool Box and the Help Box are in perfect condition.

Instant, the best way to get to Ilum

The zirconium solution from Corus for implantological restorations. Digital, predictable, exclusive.

A fully digital implantological protocol that starts with prosthetically guided planning, continues with the immediate loading of the Instant implant and ends with Ilum, the definitive zirconium restoration. From planning to the final tooth in 4 steps!

Benefits for you and your patients


The best smile, forever

The patient leaves the clinic with implants and temporary teeth in place right after the surgery. There’s no need to return for a fitting and the mouth spends not a single moment without teeth.


Comfortable for your patient

The treatment is quicker and faster than conventional methods and the placement of the temporaries is more comfortable and virtually painless. Optimising time for yourself and your patients.


With maximum safety

Extensive research confirms the benefits of the immediate use of transmucosal abutments in implant restorations. Using them allows the peri-implant tissue to remain stable from the moment of surgery, providing significant benefits.


Control over the tissues

Instant provisionals are designed and customised for each patient. They fit your new smile beautifully and the tissues are perfectly modelled and integrated during the osseointegration period.


Communicate and bring value

All the parts are delivered in a system of exclusive packs created to facilitate each stage of the Instant process and provide your patients with a better experience.

For the clinical professional

Instant Box

Each Instant case comes in a box containing all the necessary components: provisional teeth, positioning guides, a surgical guide (if applicable), Perio-Aid gel, Instant abutments, resin abutments and screws.

For the patient

After the Instant protocol surgery, your patient will receive a post-surgical cleaning kit from Dentaid containing:

  • Instant toothbrush, a straight brush with extra soft bristles, a pliable neck to better adapt to the oral cavity and facilitate accessibility during brushing, and an ergonomic, anti-slip handle.
  • Gel toothpaste, chlorhexidine 0.12%, for better hygiene and post-surgical recovery at home.

The Corus product experience comprises tools to help care for the prosthesis as well as communication materials that transmit trust and reliability, so that your patients are aware of its benefits from the moment they see it.

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