Nobrux is Corus' exclusive customised splint that puts an end to nighttime tooth wear and allows patients to smile during the day without jaw pain and other discomforts associated with bruxism. Made with the most advanced digital technology and exclusive materials, Nobrux is predictable, has a perfect fit and offers an innovative presentation. More than 2,700 dentists and 150,000 patients have trusted Nobrux, its effectiveness, quality and unique experience.

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The unique Corus material is more comfortable, adaptable, resilient, biocompatible and has an age-enhancing blue colour.


Digital techniques ensure customisation and precise control of design, manufacturing and finishing parameters to guarantee quality and traceability.


From an intraoral scan, the workflow is 100% digital, allowing total customisation with a perfect fit right from the start. Fast, convenient, efficient and cost-effective.

Benefits for you and your patients


Bruxism under control

Your patients will not have to worry about nocturnal wear and tear, freeing the jaw system and avoiding possible headaches and cervical tension stemming from teeth grinding.


Easy and comfortable to use

The Nobrux comes with a basic maintenance kit and instructions for use for your patients, making it easy for them to use and wear for a long time.


Predictable and efficient adaptation

Digital processing allows parameters to be precise and accurately adjusted, without unnecessary tweaking. Predictability translates into time savings, fewer visits, a better clinical and patient experience.


Easy prescription

Access the Corus Link platform of your Corus laboratory and, in just three clicks, you can prescribe a Nobrux.


Patient information

We provide you with paper leaflets and a product landing page to hand out or give access to your patients. Reading them will help them to better understand their condition and give more value to the treatment.


Exclusive communication

Spot and pack can be personalised and include the name and logo of your clinic. You will be able to use these Nobrux elements to promote the image of your practice.


Added value

The Nobrux presentation increases the value for your patients in their dental care experience and increases the perceived clinical quality of your practice. It creates value for the practice.


The splint is presented in an exclusive double pack that turns the delivery of Nobrux into a valuable experience.


The ideal case to store the splint during the day or to take it with you on a trip.

Mint flavoured spray

Using bactericidal action, it helps fight plaque formation, refreshes the mouth and provides an intense sensation of freshness.

Cleaning tablets

Deeply sanitises the splint, eliminates unpleasant odours and provides a pleasant minty fresh taste.

Instructions for use

Informs about using the splint, how and when to use each product.

Download the Nobrux instructions

A pack that protects you by night and looks after you by day


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