Invisible, planned and efficient orthodontics, prior to aesthetic solutions. Right is the first "cosmetic" orthodontic treatment. Designed so that the prosthodontist, with the support of the Right Centre and starting from the design of the new smile, can perform the precise movements to achieve the most curated and efficient procedure possible.

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Change the switch

Designed for prosthodontists. With slight movements, it corrects malpositions and prepares the most appropriate and conservative cosmetic treatment possible for your patients.

A plan at your service

The treatment is designed to be carried out without complications, referrals or a long process; with the permanent support of the Right Centre, which is made up of orthodontists and a specialised technical advisory team.


With a digital treatment that's perfectly planned and checked, the protocols are clear and easy to implement. No complications arise, validating the evolution of the treatment and the possible deviation from expected results and times.

Right Key Elements

The service provided by the Right Centre, the Right Trimester treatment unit and a quarterly check-up for successful treatment.

Formed by expert orthodontists along with a specialised technical team and a 100% digital protocol, the Right Centre guarantees predictable treatments and a quality product. A group of specialised advisors will accompany you throughout the process so that the treatment is carried out as planned, from start to finish. Together, everything is under control.

The Right protocol incorporates a treatment unit consisting of 1 trimester of RT (Right Trimester) treatment. Each RT involves a maximum of 9 treatment stages and each stage consists of 1 aligner per arch, which the patient will change every 10 days, wearing the aligner for a total of 22 hours per day.

At the end of each RT treatment unit, an intraoral scan is performed. The Right Centre uses digital tools to validate the evolution of the treatment and any possible deviation from the expected results and timing.

Types of treatment

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Right Month

Up to one month. Used for refinements.

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Up to 3 months

Simple treatments: slight movements up to 1 mm and 15º of rotation.

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Up to 6 months

Simple treatments: slight movements up to 2 mm and 30º of rotation.

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Up to 9 months

Mild treatments: slight movements up to 3 mm and 40º of rotation.

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Up to 12 months

Mild treatments: slight movements up to 3 mm and 50º of rotation.


Right Retainer

Removable retainer to complete treatment.

Right Protocol



The clinic sends three photos and the STL file of a scan through Corus Link to evaluate the case.

Assessment: We send the initial estimate and plan* within five to seven working days of receiving the photos and STL file.

At this stage the clinician, supported by our team of orthodontic planners, makes any necessary modifications before the plan is validated.

* Making the plan will incur a cost for the clinic in case the treatment is not carried out.


Final plan and manufacturing

The final validated plan, including a report and videos, is generated and the Right Centre starts manufacturing the treatment.


RT. Treatment unit

The clinic receives the Right Clinic Set for the first RT approximately five working days after approval of the treatment. Subsequent RTs until the end of the treatment will be sent to the clinic after receiving the check-up of the previous RT.

The patient also receives their Right set at the start of treatment.


Quarterly check-up

At the end of each RT, the clinic sends a scan to check whether the treatment unit has been completed. If yes, the Right Centre sends the next RT; if no, the remaining treatment is re-planned to guarantee the planned duration of the full treatment.


Final review

When the last RT is finished, the clinic sends the final check-up, to finish the Right treatment and continue with the Right Retainer.


Right Retainer

The Right Centre manufactures the removable retention system, the Right Retainer.

Right Retainers

After a Right treatment we must preserve the patient's smile and prevent the teeth from returning to their previous position.

The final check-up of the Right treatment allows us to manufacture the retention system, the Right Retainer.

Your patient receives:

  • Three envelopes with three Right Retainers.
  • A case to store the Right Retainers.
  • Instructions for use and maintenance.

Benefits for you and your patients


Smiles in place

With Right, your patients will get the smile they want in the time they want in a comfortable and undetectable way.


Start Right

Aligning teeth with Right is the perfect and most conservative foundation for future whitening or veneer treatments that will bring the patient's smile to perfection.


Total confidence and guarantee

There's no one better than you to accompany your patients through all the necessary treatments for a new smile. You are their trusted dentist.


Everything under control

With the Right Centre and the digital workflow, we have total control at all times of the evolution of the orthodontic treatment, thus guaranteeing the established times or, on the contrary, modifying them in advance if necessary.


The information

We provide you with leaflets to hand out to your patients. Reading them will help to better understand and give more value to the treatment.


Turn the treatment into an experience. Right is not just an invisible orthodontic treatment, it's an experience that accompanies your patient throughout the wearing period.

For your patient

Along with their Right aligners, your patients receive a storage case, a special maintenance kit with instructions for use and a bag that allows you to take them anywhere. All made and designed with recyclable and sustainable materials.

For you

With each treatment unit (RT) you receive a box with the aligners for that quarter, duly labelled together with the necessary reports to follow the evolution of the treatment when you receive the RTs.

A pack that moves with you

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