Summa Implant is the complete Corus protocol for your major implant restorations. It incorporates different Instant and Ilum products in a single treatment. In just four visits, it takes you from prosthetic-guided planning to final restoration, via instant provisionalisation. It is 100% digital and predictable, for both you and your patients.


Everything is carefully planned, from start to finish. Starting with prosthetically guided planning, we move on to supervised surgery and instant loading, ensuring that the final result is an exact copy of the provisional tested in the mouth.


Using digital tools, we guarantee the 100% predictability of the protocols. With a combination of planning, design and digital manufacturing, we multiply success.


From plan to final procedure in just four visits. Following the Summa Implant protocol halves the typical chair time for this type of treatment, improving the patient's experience and the efficiency of the consultation.

Ilum Test

With Summa Implant you will receive your Instant together with the Test Ilum Box, which contains everything you need to carry out the passivation test.

The test includes the implant position splint, titanium abutments, screws and Conlight resin. After osseointegration and tissue regeneration and thanks to the splint designed along with the surgical plan, we can be sure of the exact position of the implants by capturing the abutments with Conlight light-curing resin. One step, guaranteed success.

Ilum, the zirconium solution from Corus. Digital, predictable, exclusive

The definitive zirconium implant rehabilitation in a 100% digital workflow. A customised interface, designed with the utmost precision and adjusted to the optimum mechanical parameters, ensures a precise, stable and aesthetically pleasing solution. Ilum Gold.

Summa Implant protocol



With the intraoral records (STL), the CBCT and the patient's photographs, a prescription is created in Corus Link as if it were an Instant. From this information, the wax-ups and corresponding digital plan are created and validated in the Planning Centre. Next, the guides and the Instant will be generated.

*We will always start from a digital workflow.


Instant. Planned, prosthetically guided surgery

You will receive the Instant and the Ilum Test in the same pack, which should be kept until after the osseointegration period. After verifying that everything is in order, you will be able to perform the surgery and the instant loading by following the Instant process protocol. The patient leaves the clinic with temporary teeth in place right after the surgery.


Final impression and passivity test

Following osseointegration and tissue adaptation, in a single visit the different records are scanned (the arch with and without the Instant, with the scanbodies, the antagonist and the occlusion record) and the passivation test is carried out with the Ilum Test. Next, we create the prescription in Corus Link and send the Ilum Test to Corus. This whole process guarantees the success of the final work.


Ilum. Placement

The final prosthesis with its perfect fit and look is delivered without the need for an aesthetic test (Instant enables us to validate this). The patient gets their finished smile - an exact copy of the Instant provisional teeth - in just one visit. Easy, comfortable and predictable.

Instant & Ilum, from planning to the final tooth in 4 steps

Benefits for you and your patients


Total clarity for your patient

From the very beginning, your patient has a full understanding of the stages of the treatment and its duration, ensuring the consultation is a success. As a result, they have a clear perception of the service they have received and are more confident in your clinic.


A treatment planned out from start to finish

Summa Implant allows you to perform the treatment efficiently and predictably, in a fully digital workflow. From taking the records to the surgery and placement of the final teeth, it is designed for maximum precision.


An accurate and natural procedure

The entire treatment has been planned with the ideal positioning of the teeth in mind. Through surgery and the Instant system, the tissues will adapt superbly to the desired anatomy. Once everything is in place, all that's left is to replace the Instant denture with Ilum, the exact copy.


Costs under control

Summa Implant has a fixed, all-inclusive price. With no surprises or hidden extras. You control the treatment costs and are aware at all times of which stage you are at.

For the clinical professional

Ilum Test Pack

Each Summa Implant case is delivered in a box containing all the necessary parts.

The Corus product experience comprises elements that provide you with order, organisation and trustworthiness, all presented in a unique way. Giving value to the product and the clinic for your patients.

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