Less steps,
more smiles

Optima is the exclusive removable prosthesis solution from Corus, developed in a 100% digital workflow. As a result of its innovative protocol, with fewer and shorter visits you’ll obtain a high-quality digital removable prosthesis with the best possible aesthetics and performance.

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A unique digital solution

A unique digital solution for removable prostheses developed in a predictable, precise and efficient digital workflow, exclusive to Corus.

Quality and satisfaction for your patients

As a result of this protocol, our exclusive digital libraries and the materials used, the patient will get a high-quality prosthesis with excellent aesthetics and performance.

Fewer visits and less chair time

Improve profitability by up to 80% while ensuring an optimal result. With no need for repetitive tests and with minimal follow-up adjustments, you’ll reduce the number of visits and their duration.

Removable prosthesis
developed in a 100% digital workflow

As a result of our innovative protocols, our prostheses are made quickly and with great precision. We get excellent aesthetic solutions through our exclusive Optima tooth libraries.

Types of Optima prostheses

Instant, permanent full removable prostheses.

Instant, permanent partial removable prostheses.

Optima key elements

Optima removable prostheses feature the following elements

Optima protocols

Unique digital protocols for predictable, precise and efficient removable prostheses, exclusive to Corus.

Bimaxillary Optima Protocol: Download
Unimaxillary Optima Protocol: Download
Partial Optima Protocol: Download
Immediate Optima Protocol: Download
Old Prostheses Optima Protocol: Download

Bimaxillary Optima Protocol with digital workflow:


Making the anatomical impression

The clinic makes the anatomical impression via a maxilla and mandible scan. Photographic or video records are included to help identify the key aesthetic aspects such as the midline, smile line and planes. The Optima prescription is created through Corus Link and all the files are sent together easily, quickly and securely.
* Always starting from a digital workflow.


Making the functional, centric and VDO impression

The laboratory sends the clinic the Optima customised trays for making the functional impressions. The Optima customised trays include previous teeth, which are used as a reference for making records and doing a first aesthetic test. A gothic arch is included to record the centric occlusion and vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO). While making the functional impression of the maxilla, with the help of a Fox plane, the correct occlusal plane will be obtained. Once the mandibular impression has been made, the new centric occlusion and VDO will be identified using the system’s gothic arch.
Finally, once all the records have been made, the dentist can choose the colour of the teeth and gums before sending all the files through Corus Link so the prosthesis can be manufactured.


Optima test (optional)

Optionally, or if the functional impression has created doubt regarding some of the records, you can do the Optima test to check the anatomical, functional and aesthetic aspects before the prosthesis is manufactured.



The Optima prosthesis is sent in its exclusive pack. With a perfect fit and optimal aesthetics, the patient will get a natural and functional smile so they can eat, smile and enjoy each day with every guarantee.

Benefits for you and your patients


Fewer visits

Your time and that of your patients matters. Optima protocols make it possible to easily and efficiently produce prostheses with shorter consultation times, full control of the treatment and an optimal end result.


Precise, attractive results

An excellent aesthetic solution is achieved through our exclusive Optima tooth libraries and models. The end result is predictable and offers a unique experience.


With every guarantee

Optima is the most efficient treatment and the best alternative in cases where you can’t apply fixed implants or where highly complex surgery is involved.
It can be adapted to each patient’s needs and restore their dental health to its optimal level, with every guarantee.


Peace of mind and satisfaction

Through Optima, your patients will be able to eat, speak and smile again with confidence because their health and emotional wellbeing come first.


Helps reduce carbon footprint

Optima reduces CO2 emissions by more than 90% compared to an analog removable prosthesis. Optima removable prostheses are developed using a digital workflow and a more sustainable production system.


More than just a treatment, this is an experience. Optima isn’t just a removable prosthesis solution. It makes treatment easier for you and accompanies your patients in their daily lives by helping them look after their dental health.

Clinic pack

Because we want to look after you and your patients but without forgetting about the environment, this pack is reusable. Inside, you’ll receive the customised trays for the functional impression and all the elements you need to make records. The system is designed so you can return them easily and securely in the same box you received them in. This way, everything is more sustainable.

Patient pack

Because we want to look after you and your patients without forgetting about the environment. Your patients will get their Optima with everything they need to look after the prosthesis and their dental health. What’s more, all the elements that make up the pack are made using sustainable, environmentally friendly materials in accordance with our commitment as a socially responsible company.

Optima Box

The best way to store and protect the Optima at night.

Prosthesis brush

Specially designed brush to keep the Optima clean.


Recommended mouthwash for looking after soft tissues.

Instructions for use

The instructions tell the patient how to use the removable prosthesis and how and when to use each product. Download instructions for use.

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