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Welcome to Corus QLab

Q Lab is more than just a dental lab. We strive to revolutionise the way the industry works by not only improving smiles, but also by working to provide natural solutions. As a leading dental lab in London, we pride ourselves on the quality of our dental restorations. 

Founder Alaa Abou Hasan, is a professional with years of experience in the dental technology sector. His grasp on the field of dental technology and his leadership skills make Qlab dental what it is today. His focus on quality control, excellence, standards, and the latest technologies has advanced Qlab to new heights.

We would not be where it is today without the dedication and hard work of our technicians. Treating each dental restoration solution with care, they take pains to ensure each piece is well-proportioned, aesthetically sound and accurate.

Your success as a cosmetic dentist lies in a seamless and smooth collaboration with a reliable dental lab. As a full-service dental lab, we work closely with patients and dentists to ensure each product we create is made to perfection. This work ethic has allowed us to forge strong partnerships with dentists and dental partners that we maintain to this day.

Corus Qlab

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Abou Hasan Alaa

Associate Director


A cutting-edge digital dental lab that strives to create pristine dental restorations.

As compassionate and understanding professionals, we understand that dental restorations are incredibly personal for each patient you serve. What has made us the lab of choice for our dental partners is that we create restorations using only the latest/finest materials. Besides enhancing durability and function, we also prioritise their aesthetic appeal to ensure your clients look and feel confident.

  • Crowns and Bridges.

All Ceramic, Metal Ceramic, Composite Resin, Gold Crowns & Bridges, Non-Precious Crowns & Bridges and Maryland Bridges.

  • Implant Restoration.

We have built up our outstanding expertise over many years with practical experience, constant further training, and incorporating the latest developments in Implant dentistry. We combine craftsmanship, extensive knowledge of dental Implants, and awareness of the challenges faced by dental specialists.

We understand the individual needs of our clients and can suggest improvements to exceed their wishes.To ensure high quality we rely on the outstanding expertise of our staff and the use of original products for guaranteed precision fit and material compatibility. We can also secure an excellent price-performance ratio with the latest production techniques and digital workflows.

  • Implant Planning.

We believe that planning is an important key factor to the success of implant treatment and we can help you offering all you need to plan your case from A to Z.

  • Patient’s Consultation.

We can determine the accurate shade of each patient’s teeth to ensure their dental restorations match their existing teeth to a tee. Our special shade room consists of colour corrected lights and appropriate wall colours so we have no doubt about the shade of their teeth.

  • Smile Design

Smile Design is one of the most effective tools in Modern Dentistry. Being able to give your patient a chance to see how their smile could look like has a great impact not only on the patient uptake of the treatment but also on the patient engagement and understanding throughout the treatment Journey and by that enabling us to reach a very predictable and satisfying results.

  • Digital Dentures